Ships are similar to other types of machinery in that they require frequent maintenance and, sometimes, complete overhauls to remain operational. Many shipyards have maintenance contracts with shipping companies, ships and/or ship classes that identify frequent maintenance work.


Examples of maintenance and repair duties include:

  • blasting and repainting the ship’s hull, freeboard, superstructure, interior tanks and work areas
  • major machinery rebuilding and installation (e.g., diesel engines, turbines, generators and pump stations)
  • systems overhauls, maintenance and installation (e.g., flushing, testing and installation of a piping system)
  • new system installation, either adding new equipment or replacing systems that are outdated (e.g., navigational systems, combat systems, communication systems or updated piping systems)
  • propeller and rudder repairs, modification and alignment
  • creation of new machinery spaces on the ship (e.g., cut-out of existing steel structure and adding new walls, stiffeners, vertical supports and webbing).

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