What We Do

Ship Building

We are always busy to build & deliver our customers a ship with international specifications and standards.

Ship Repairing

Our Ship repairing includes ship conversions, overhauls, maintenance programs, major damage repairs, and minor equipment repairs.


During dry docking, the whole ship is brought to dry land so that the submerged portions of the hull can be cleaned, inspected or repaired.

Leading the way in Building & Repairing


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+ Modification Jobs


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5 Reasons Why We Are Best at Ship Building & Repairing

  1. Modern Facilities: We always ensure to bring the most up-to-date facilities to make sure our customers are delivered with vessel of international competitiveness.
  2. Experienced Team: We are grateful to be able to successfully gather a team with the most experience in the industry. Our primary goal is to utilize our experiences for the betterment of our customers.
  3. Quality Services: We always assure to provide the services of top quality. That is why our team is always indulged in finding ways to improve our services in every way possible.
  4. Latest Equipment: We always modernize our equipment to provide our valuable customers with a one-stop-solution for all their shipping vessel’s needs.
  5. Highly Standard Components: We also sell all the components required for new ship building, repairing or a modification. And we source from the top-quality suppliers to maintain our consistent standard.
Some of our core Principles are as follows –
  • Regularity – We strictly maintain regularity in both improving services we provide and the quality of shipping vessels we deliver.
  • Honesty – We always uphold honesty with all our customers as well as suppliers during every process of the business.
  • Customer Value – We constantly focusing on developing our products and services to escalate the value we bring to our customers.
  • Modernization – We understand the need for competitive shipping vessels that’s why we are always busy modernizing our equipment and facilities.